"Digger" is a 36" grulla stallion, registered ASPC / AMHR / IBHA, born in July 2011, son of Vermilyea Farms Good as Gold. Genetic testing shows that he is Ee for the red/black factor, aa for Agouti, Dd for dun, and carries one cream gene (nCR).

Digger is a wildly marked dun, with cob-webbing on his forehead, dark dorsal stripe, shoulder and neck stripes, mottling, and very prominent bars on his front and back legs. We first saw him at the 2014 Nationals and fell in love with him on the spot! Thank you to Tiffany Atchley of Fort Duchesne, Utah, for the National's picture and for letting us purchase her much-loved stallion. 

Sire: Vermilyea Farms Good as Gold 
Dam: Plattes Perfectly Copied (APSC) / OP Perfectly Copied By Cody (AMHR)
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At the 2016 IBHA Convention, Vegas was awarded several Honor Rolls as well as being presented with his ROM (Register of Merit) in Dun Factor - the very first IBHA ROM awarded to a Miniature horse. We are very proud of him!

At the Great Lakes Buckskin Association (GLBA) 2015 awards banquet, Vegas was awarded the first ever annual Barbara E. Beckel Memorial Award for Supreme Champion Miniature Horse for 2015! This award is based on points earned during the 2015 GLBA / IBHA show season. We can't thank Bob Beckel enough his training, fitting, love, and dedication to Vegas! 

"Gunner" is an ASPC / AMHR / IBHA 37.5" blue eyed buckskin stallion, born in April 2008. He has multiple Grand and Reserve Halter Championships to his name, as well as earning top honors in Liberty. His looks, movement, and personality are amazing!

Gunner's sire is Rhapsody's Rio Del Oro, and his paternal grandsire is Rudolph's Golden Comanche. His dam is Showman's Miss Buttermilk H, a daughter of Captain's Showman. Gunner also goes back twice to paternal great-grandsire Bar-G's Rock "E".

Sire: Rhapsody's Rio Del Oro

Dam: Showman's Miss Buttermilk H
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"Vegas" is an AMHA / AMHR / IBHA 32.75” grulla stallion, born in May 2002, and the only breeding son of Hilltops Little Vegas.

Vegas has solid conformation and proven ability to pass his color consistently to his offspring - most are shades of grulla, but we have gotten several gorgeous red duns from him as well! His paternal grandsire, Iowas Little Kernel, is the sire of Hilltops Little Vegas, Winks Jangles, Winks Jingles, and other exceptional stallions and is considered one of the outstanding foundation sires of the Miniature horse breed. His maternal grandsire is Little Kings Buck On Broadway (BOB), one of the most respected Buckeroo sons in the nation. During Vegas' early show career, he earned multiple Supreme Champion Halter honors.

Sire: Hilltops Little Vegas 
Dam: Buck Ons Bad Girl
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OP Perfectly Dun In Gold (ASPC / AMHR / IBHA)

LDB Double Troubles Gunsmoke (ASPC)
Silver Birchs DLBs Trouble Gunsmoke (AMHR / IBHA)

Thank you to Vegas' breeder, Jean Barnhill, for the baby picture of Vegas.

Vegas is parentage qualified and genetic testing shows that he is homozygous for the dun factor (DD; all of his offspring will be dun), Ee for the red/black factor, and aa for Agouti.

At the 2014 AMHR Nationals in Tulsa, a triple judge show with over 1600 of the best AMHR miniature horses

Digger is being shown AMHR and IBHA. At the 2016 and 2017 IBHA World Show in Cloverdale, IN, Digger was Reserve Champion Dun Factor and Reserve Champion Miniature Stallion Halter. In 2018, Digger earned his IBHA Register of Merit (ROM) in both Miniature Liberty and Miniature Dun Factor. 

in North America attending, he participate in three classes: Western Country Pleasure Driving 36"-38", a huge class, and while he didn't place, he performed well for his first outing as a driving horse; Aged Stallions 36"-38" (halter), another very large class in which he placed 8th - one judge even placed him 2nd!; and Solid Color Stallions Over, again a large class, in which he placed 2nd / Reserve National Champion.

Dusty Lane Vegas Bet A Buck  (AMHA / AMHR / IBHA)

This picture here is from the July 2015 IBHA World Show, where Gunner won 1st place in Liberty against a respectable number of entries. His action was spectacular at liberty and when the catch time started, he walked over and willingly placed his head into the halter for a very easy catch!

Gunner also holds several IBHA Honor Roll titles. With our IBHA charter club, Great Lakes Buckskin Association, he has earned a High Point for Halter and for Liberty.

Credit for the upper far left picture goes to Sandy Frank, Vernon, B.C., Canada              Genetic testing shows that Gunner is homozygous for black (EE)

Credit for the winter pictures of Gunner goes to Robin Quick, Battle Creek, MI                Aa for Agouti, nCr for the cream dilution, and LWO negative.