Dusty Lane Vegas Bet A Buck  (AMHA / AMHR / IBHA) Not for Sale

OP Perfectly Dun In Gold (ASPC / AMHR / IBHA) Not for Sale

"Vegas" is an AMHA / AMHR / IBHA 32.75” grulla stallion, born in May 2002. 

Our plans for Vegas in 2019, now that he is retired from breeding, is to geld him and lease him to a dear friend who loves him as much as we do. She will show Vegas at our IBHA-sanctioned shows, particularly in driving. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish together!


Sire: Hilltops Little Vegas 
Dam: Buck Ons Bad Girl
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Digger has been shown both AMHR and IBHA. At the 2016 and 2017 IBHA World Show in Cloverdale, IN, Digger was Reserve Champion Dun Factor and Reserve Champion Miniature Stallion Halter. In 2018, Digger earned his IBHA Register of Merit (ROM) in both Miniature Liberty and Miniature Dun Factor. 

At the 2016 IBHA Convention, Vegas was awarded several Honor Rolls as well as being presented with his ROM (Register of Merit) in Dun Factor - the very first IBHA ROM awarded to a Miniature horse. We are very proud of him!

At the Great Lakes Buckskin Association (GLBA) 2015 awards banquet, Vegas was awarded the first ever annual Barbara E. Beckel Memorial Award for Supreme Champion Miniature Horse for 2015! This award is based on points earned during the 2015 GLBA / IBHA show season. We can't thank Bob Beckel enough his training, fitting, love, and dedication to Vegas! 

"Digger" is a 36" grulla stallion, registered ASPC / AMHR / IBHA, born in July 2011, son of Vermilyea Farms Good as Gold. Genetic testing shows that he is Ee for the red/black factor, aa for Agouti, Dd for dun, and carries one cream gene (nCR).

Digger is a wildly marked dun, with cob-webbing on his forehead, dark dorsal stripe, shoulder and neck stripes, mottling, and very prominent bars on his front and back legs. We first saw him at the 2014 Nationals and fell in love with him on the spot! 

Sire: Vermilyea Farms Good as Gold 
Dam: Plattes Perfectly Copied (APSC) / OP Perfectly Copied By Cody (AMHR)
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