Due to life changes, we are no longer breeding and are in the processes of greatly reducing our herd. Our sale horses are offered at reasonable prices, with good homes being a paramount concern. 

All Sale horses have up to date registration papers and are current on vaccinations, deworming, hoof trimming, etc. 

  • Coggins and Health Certificate, if needed, will be obtained by us for the Buyer.
  • All horses are sold with a written contract, specific to the horse and Buyer.
  • For Buyers who are fairly local to Augusta, MI, we offer a 60-day buy-back clause in our contracts. Within 60 days of purchase, Buyer can return the horse, no questions asked, for a full refund (however, horse must be returned in good condition). We want people to be satisfied with their purchase! 
  • At Buyer's request, we will transfer all registration papers at no cost to Buyer. 
  • Payment must be cash, PayPal (either Friends & Family or add the 3% fee for purchases), or bank check for the amount of the sale and the horse must be paid in full before leaving our premises. Personal checks are accepted, however, the check must clear the bank before the horse is removed.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer.

Feel free to contact Lori Wilson, 269-303-1552, loriw8000@tds.net, to discuss the sale horses, request additional pictures or video, talk price, or arrange to come out to see them. 

Joy is a beautiful black mare, born in 2007. She is ASPC foundation certified. Joy has both Kewpie's and Michigan breeding in her pedigree. Joy is a wonderful mama and takes great care of her babies, yet allows them to be handled by anyone. She is open by choice in 2019.  
Sire: Kewpie's Paposa of Arenosa
Dam: Michigan's Annual Dividend

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​Offered at $700 OBO

​Alpha Farms Joyful Night (ASPC, AMHR)

Dixie is a Foundation Certified Shetland Pony who is also registered AMHR and IBHA. She is a buckskin standing about 35" with an even bite. She is not an "in your pocket" horse when in the pasture (typical broodmare behavior!), but once you have her in hand, she easy to handle and very compliant, standing well for the farrier and the vet. Dixie is a Gold Melody Boy great-granddaughter. 

BREED: Miniature
DOB: May 2018
SIRE: Silver Birchs DLBs Trouble Gunsmoke

DAM: Little Kings Bonita Noche

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Marty is a well marked bay pinto colt. He is a little shy but loves to be loved on. He's got a beautiful head and loooong legs! His personality is gentle and sweet, especially for a colt. If not sold, he will be gelded in the fall of 2019. We expect him to mature around 36".

Bonnie is a black and white pinto mare standing at about 35" with an even bite. She is a little standoff-ish when in the pasture, but once she is in hand, she is very sweet and willing to please. Bonnie is a great mama to her foals. Her sire is the late SMHCs Exclusive (ASPC/AMHR) who was an AMHR National Reserve Champion Stallion. On her dam's side, she is a Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter. Bonnie could easily be conditioned and go successfully into the show ring at local breed shows, 4-H shows, etc. In May 2018, Bonnie gave us a very handsome bay pinto colt by our stallion, Gunner. He is upright and long-legged with a beautiful head and good knee and hock action like his sire. Wayward Winds Gunners Marty McFly is for sale below. 

Little Kings Bonita Noche (AMHR)

Wayward Winds Gunners Marty McFly (AMHR)

Thank you to Mel Downs for these pictures of Joy.

For Sale


BREED: Miniature



DOB: 2007

SIRE: Bookers Little Toy of Dixie

DAM: Daltons Toy Snowflake

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SOLD!  Bookers Princess Perfect of Dixie (ASPC, AMHR)

BREED: Miniature



DOB: 2011

SIRE: SMHCs Exclusive

DAM: Little Kings Bonita Buckeroo


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