Links & Other Info

Looking for a Miniature Horse club for adults?
Check out the ASPC/AMHR Club of Western Michigan, (AAWM) located in western Michigan.
See also the
Blue Water Miniature Horse Club(BWMHC), located in eastern Michigan.

While not strictly a mini club, the Great Lakes Buckskin Association (GLBA) offers two weekend shows a year 

at the MSU South Pavilion in East Lansing, MI, with many classes for minis of all colors!
Note: You don't have to have a registered Shetland Pony or Miniature Horse or
even own one to be a member of any of these great clubs!

Shetland & Miniature Horse Registry Links
ASPC: American Shetland Pony Association / AMHR: American Miniature Horse Registry
AMHA: American Miniature Horse Association

IBHA: International Buckskin Horse Association

ABRA: American Buckskin Horse Association

Maximizing Mini Health
Miniature horses might be small, but their health needs are just as sizable as
their full-size counterparts. Check out this great article from "The Horse" online magazine.

here for the article (used with permission)

Want more information about Miniature Horses?
Check out
Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Pony International or

join the Miniature Horse Discussion Barn on Facebook.

What can you do with a Miniature Horse?
Besides all the fun we have driving, showing and just playing with our minis, 
with specialized training, these small equines make wonderful therapy animals.
Check out the Facebook pages for
Little Horses Big Smiles, for Mini Therapy Horses,

for Mane in Heaven Miniature Therapy Horses, for Mini Hooves of Love Therapy Horses

‚Äčand forSeven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses, just to name a few.

These tiny, specially trained therapy horses work inside hospitals, 
as part of assisted living and hospice programs and
in programs for Alzheimer patients, adults and children with disabilities
and at risk and abused children.