Picture by Robin Quick.

Mares & Geldings

We are over the moon excited about our acquisition of Silver Meadows Great Prophecy (Sammy)! At the 2017 AMHR Nationals in Tulsa, OK, this boy won a National Championship in an amateur driving class of 44 exhibitors. He is our first 

Little Kings Bonita Noche (AMHR)

Belle is a lovely 15 year old 35" unregistered silver dapple mare and great little show horse - she is always in the ribbons, and usually in first place! Belle excels at halter and showmanship, loves jumping, and really struts her stuff when pulling a cart.

Bookers Princess Perfect of Dixie (ASPC / AMHR / IBHA)

Music is a lovely 38" bay mare born in 2011. She has a HOF in AMHR Western Country Pleasure Driving and is close to her HOF in Halter. A sweet mare with a wonderful personality, she will be a joy to show in driving and in hand!

​Sire: Dun-Haven Grand Event

​Dam: LTD's Lil Copycat

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Dixie is a 36" dun mare, born in 2007 in Jefferson, GA. She is ASPC foundation certified. Dixie is a Gold Melody Boy great-granddaughter.

Sire: Bookers Little Toy of Dixie
Dam: Dalton's Toy Snowflake
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We call her Diva because she loves to be the center of attention!  Diva is a 35” red roan pinto mare, born in 2008 in Bryon, IL. 

Sire: Whizzard’s Light
Dam: Flabys Miss America
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Music at the AMHR Area II Show in Centreville, MI

May 2018

Sire: Clayburys Endeavor By Reign

Dam: Plattes Perfectly Copied

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Outlaw is a 32" buckskin gelding, born April 2005. He has earned his AMHR Hall of Fame in Halter, and currently has 61 points in Liberty and 25 points Western Country Pleasure Driving.

Sire: Tucker's Jesse James
Dam: Bickels Dezzi Fantasy
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Silver Meadows Great Prophecy (AMHR / IBHA)

Shakira is a lovely 36" buckskin pinto mare born in 2011 at Little King Farm in Madison, IN. She is AMHR registered and is an awesome show horse! She is by the late SMHCs Exclusive (ASPC / AMHR), 2006 AMHR National Reserve Champion Stallion.

On her dam's side, besides being a great-granddaughter to Boones Little Buckeroo, her pedigree goes back twice to Bar-G's Rock "E".

Sire: SMHCs Exclusive

Dam: Little Kings Spanish Singer
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OP Dun It Locked and Loaded (ASPC / AMHR / IBHA)

Sera is a 33.5" black mare, born in 2004 at Double Day Farm in Hooper, UT.  Her sire, Eldorado Bonsai Cast in Bronze, is an AMHR National All Star Champion Aged Stallion 30" - 32", a Supreme Halter Champion, and a National Top Ten at Liberty.
Sire: Eldorado Bonsai Cast in Bronze
Dam: Twin Acres Kerryblue
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Retirement is Good...

Little Kings Shakira (AMHR)

Our older horses have a home here for life. They've earned their green pastures and easy days.

The picture on the left is Thornwood's Ginger Snap, a 33.5” red roan mare, AMHR registered, born in 1990 at Huff’s Miniature Horse Farm, Oregon, IL. Ginger had been our baby-sitter to our weaned foals for several years. She sadly passed away in December 2016. We miss her sweet face and gentle ways.

Bonnie is a sweet little black and white pinto mare, born in 2011 at Little King Farm in Madison, IN. Her sire is the late SMHCs Exclusive (ASPC / AMHR), who was a 2006 AMHR National Reserve Champion Stallion. On her dam's side, she's a Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter. Update May 12, 2018: Bonnie had a cute little pinto colt by Gunner. He is very upright with good knee and hock action. He will be for sale. 

Sire: SMHCs Exclusive
Dam: Little Kings Bonita Buckeroo
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The picture on the right is Hoofbeat Acres Got Spunk, a 31.5” dark brown mare, AMHA / AMHR registered, born in 1991 at Buck On Ranch, Clearwater, MN.  She is the dam of Buck On Ranch's multiple National Champion mare, Buck On's Dangerous Curves. Spunky was retired until in spring 2014, when a 5 year old Mini Whinnies Clover Bud member needed a quiet, easy going show horse for the year, so Spunky has took up her second career in 4-H and she loved it! She's back to retirement in 2015, but you never know...!

Sammy at the AMHR Area II Show in Centreville, MI

May 2018

 Sally is a wonderful 'steady-eddy' driving horse and has also been shown by our Mini Whinnies 4-H Club members in driving classes as well as halter, showmanship, in-hand trail, and costume. At a local county fair a few years ago, she won the Open Halter Miniature Mares class and went on to win Grand Champion Open Halter Miniature Horse.  

JJ's Outlaw of SLF (HOF) (AMHR / IBHA)

Pictures by Robin Quick.

"Moose" is a 34" buckskin gelding, born in April 2005, son of Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two and grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo.

It’s easy to see the Buckeroo stamp on our Moose and he represents all that is great about Buckeroo breeding.

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two 
Dam: Mountain Highs Bright Buckeroo
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Joy is a beautiful black mare, born in 2007. She is ASPC foundation certified. Joy has both Kewpie's and Michigan breeding in her pedigree. She is a welcomed addition to our farm and we sincerely thank Mel Downs of Winchester, OH, for the opportunity to own Joy and for these pictures. Update June 3, 2018: Joy gave us a dainty little red dun filly by Vegas. She is perfect and sweet. She will be for sale. 

Sire: Kewpie's Paposa of Arenosa
Dam: Michigan's Annual Dividend
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Alvadar's First Lieutenant (AMHA / AMHR / IBHA)

Ruger is buckskin gelding with wild dun factor, born July 2015 and expected to be about 36" at maturity. He is a half brother (maternal side) to our stallion Digger. We're thrilled with Ruger's strong dun factor - including dorsal stripe, leg barring, cob-webbing, and he even has a belly stripe! 2017 is Ruger's first year showing. Many thanks to Janelle Logan for her work with Ruger to prepare him for his classes.

At the 2017 IBHA World Show, Ruger performed well in his classes and was named World Champion Dun Factor Miniature Horse. Ruger also received his 2018 Register of Merit (ROM) for Dun Factor in 2018 and an Honor Roll for Dun Factor at the 2018 IBHA Convention.

foray into the world of Country Pleasure driving - much more leg extension and what a motor! We are looking forward to him upping our game in the show world and will be showing him in AMHR as well as IBHA shows. He is jointly owned by Lori Wilson, Robert Beckel, and Frann Beckel.

Sire: Silver Meadows Unbridled Masterpiece

Dam: Silver Meadows Jet Fire

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Thank you to Desiree Wallace Staples for the use of these great pictures of Music.

Sally is a beautiful 35" silver dapple mare, born in 2001 in Marathon, WI.

Sire:  Kaufmans Dicks CS Little Man
Dam: Cessna of Triple C
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Double Days Midnight Serenade (AMHR / AMHA)

We bought Outlaw specifically to show in IBHA shows here in Michigan, with our charter club, the Great Lakes Buckskin Association. At the GLBA's June 2015 show, Outlaw did wonderfully in all his classes and came home with High Point for IBHA minis! He is being shown at AMHR-sanctioned shows as well. He's such a little bundle of fun! At the 2015 Great Lakes Buckskin Association annual awards banquet, Outlaw was awarded High Point Pleasure Driving Mini for the year! At the 2015 through 2018 IBHA Conventions, Outlaw has been consistently awarded various IBHA Honor Rolls and Reserve Honor Rolls. Outlaw has earned an IBHA Register of Merit (ROM) in Liberty. At the 2017 IBHA World Show in Cloverdale, IN, Outlaw came away with a Reserve Champion Liberty buckle. So proud of this little gelding!

MSS The Framed Event (HOF) (AMHR)

S&DMs Sally (AMHR)

Scheer's Senna (AMHR)

Alpha Farms Joyful Night (ASPC / AMHR)