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Welcome to Wayward Winds Miniature Horses!  

Wayward Winds Miniatures is a family farm located in southwest Michigan.
We are committed to selectively breeding, raising and selling quality Miniature horses offered at reasonable prices.

The horses of Wayward Winds Miniatures were chosen based on conformation, temperament and pedigree. We specialize in performance and driving horses, breeding for the best conformation possible. With conformation and temperament as our driving force, the next thing we breed for is color - we love our buckskin and grulla horses!

Our Miniature Horses carry some of the leading AMHR and AMHA lineage in the industry, including Boones Little Buckeroo (and his sons: Little Kings Buck On Broadway, and Little Kings Buckeroo Bonsai), plus Hilltops Little Vegas, and Iowas Little Kernel.

And now we've added some Shetland Pony bloodlines, including 
Bar-G's Rock "E", Captain's Showman, Vermilyea Farms Good as Gold, B&L's Rock "E" Pilot Lite, Kewpies Paposa of Arenosa, Gold Melody Boy, and SMHCs Exclusive.

All of our Miniature horses are sound, healthy, and those for sale are reasonably priced for every pocketbook. Unless otherwise stated, our Miniature horses are registered AMHR, AMHR / AMHA, as well as some that are ASPC / AMHR. All registration paperwork is kept up-to-date. And, if you buy a Miniature horse from us, we are always available for advice and help.  

As of January 1, 2015, the International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA) is accepting (solid) buckskin, grulla, and dun Miniature horses already registered with either AMHA or AMHR into their registry! All of our eligible horses are registered with IBHA - in fact, our stallions are the very first Miniature horses to be registered with IBHA!

Check out our Stallions page, Mares, Foals & Geldings page, Sales page and Mini Whinnies 4-H Club page for more information.

Contact us by email or phone
- Lori Wilson: loriw8000@tds.net, 269-303-1552 (cell) / 269-731-2588 (home)
- Johanna Wilson: johamwil77@att.net, 269-967-5340 (cell) / 269-979-3133 (home)

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